Zariadenie dokáže na diaľku vypnúť motor auta, zatiaľ v Anglicku

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Zariadenie samozrejme nie je účinné proti starším vozidlám bez elektroniky, proti súčasným bežným autám je účinné do vzdialenosti 50 metrov.

RF Safe-Stop má cca 350 kg a prototyp sa montuje na pickupy. Batérie umožňujú vysielať signál vypínajúci motory po dobu dvanástich minút.

Zamýšlaným použitím RF Safe-Stop je najmä možnosť v oblastiach s vyskytujúcimi sa bombovými útokmi nútene ale bez použitia zbraní zastavovať vozidlá, ktoré sa snažia vojsť do zakázaných zón a ignorujú výzvy na zastavenie. Podľa spoločnosti E2V majú o technológiu záujem bezpečnostné zložky z 18 krajín.

Dubbed RF Safe-Stop, the unit, which weighs approximately 350kg, has so far been integrated into Nissan Nevara and Toyota Land Cruisers and is designed to temporarily disable a vehicle’s electronic systems and bring it to a halt. Such non-lethal systems are said to be particularly suited to stopping vehicles suspected as being used as car bombs.

Andy Wood, product manager at e2v, told The Engineer that RF Safe-Stop can be fitted also into ground, fixed base installations, rib-type boats and that there are ‘blueprint’ ideas to integrate it into a helicopter.

The non-lethal systems generate intense RF (radio frequency) pulses and Wood euphemistically said these pulses ‘confuse’ a vehicle’s electronics, rendering them temporarily inoperable.

RF Safe-Stop works differently on different vehicles although the principle of coupling electromagnetic waves into the target’s wiring looms remain the same.

This is similar to the device used in the movie the Dark Knight Rises by batman. However, the device in the movie was smaller.

The RF generator is driven by a solid state modulator designed and built at Chelmsford-based e2v and Wood explained that a UPS unit has been added to systems designed for use on vehicles.


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‘What we’re assuming at the moment is if, for instance, you had a fully charged set of batteries you’d get about two hours of operation, use about a 10 per cent RF energy burst from it …So [with] two hours stand-by, you get 12 minutes of RF operation,’ he said.

‘If you’ve got it on a vehicle, or a boat…you could be trickle charging that all the time. Unless you exceed the 10 per cent duty cycle with something like a 100A (amp) alternator at 24V you should…not run out of power.’

Operators of RF Safe-Stop won’t need specialist training as e2v is aiming for a system that that allows the user to do nothing more complicated than push a red button when the target is in range.


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